Patient Chair 5106

  • universal patient chair suitable for ENT and other medical examinations
  • with infinite height adjustment using a double pedal switch
  • maintenance-free, electromotive lifting equipment, lift height 200 mm with 12-V-control in accordance with IEC 601-1
  • the seat is horizontally mounted
  • the back rest is adjustable from the vertical (95°) to below the horizontal position by means of a gas spring
  • the headrest can be infinitely adjusted in height and, if necessary, can be pulled all the way out
  • the two armrests can be folded down towards the back and the front
  • the entire upper part can be fully rotated and locked in any position
  • the one-piece upholstery is secured with Velcro straps


  • zero position - pedal switch

Subject to technical modifications!